Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Welcome and Goodnight

By Nico

 Hi, I had to finish this before I went to bed, just in case you rolled down and wondered how it all began-This blog is for everything and everyone- It's for you
The arms, legs, eyes and heart of  Sunny Side Radio
Mostly by Oly and I..... but still for you.
If  you kinda know me, you'll know that I like scrap-booking/doodling/writing stuff- If you really know me
You'll know that I have a million scrapbooks dated back to when Bush was the future, play-record is what you pressed down to 'download' your favorite song from the radio and everyone was
relieved that the world hadn't ended at the turn of midnight oh and back when you actually needed talent to be famous- Remember? So basically, we are trying to save paper here  ;)

I had a trail blog, deleted it because this one feels more like home-
So welcome and I hope that this is a good idea
see you around.


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