Monday, December 20, 2010

Friends- Quantity vs Quality


Henry David Thoreau once said "The most I can do for my friend is simply to be his friend. I have no wealth to bestow on him. If he knows that I am happy in loving him, he will want no other reward. Is not friendship divine in this?"

It's funny how in most cases, we learn what real friendship is after we have figured out what real friendship isn't.  Last week was one of the most random weeks ever- One which was both sudden and redefining- It forced me to think about things I truthfully had no time to ponder upon and it changed and rebuild my world in one go. To be honest, it was made less dramatic because I had the most amazing friends around me when it all happened- The kind who weren't just prepared to listen to my situation, hug me and say they would pray for me- but the kind who listened, hugged me and mentally and physically rolled up their sleeves and said 'Let's fix it!' In one day, I realized how fortunate and blessed I was to be surrounded by people who would go the extra mile and more just to catch my little world- with no complain or sneaking away to look at their watches.
I'm still in total awe of them all and it's hard to even try to come up with a way to thank them enough.

They made me realize what real friendship meant and how it wasn't always about the fun times but had to be just as strong in urgent times. Somehow, friendships are formed by little sand grains of shared experiences
 ( well actually, pearls come from parasites or other organic material since sand can't  really dissolve but that just doesn't go with what I'm saying and is just not as 'poetic' so bare with me!) they are formed by experiences both good and bad, and before you know it, they turn into pearls and sometimes in very rare situations, black pearls. The best quality there is. Unfortunately, in a world mostly obsessed with quantity, whether it be money, cars, houses and even friendships- quality is often a neglected value. However, if anything, last week has taught me that at the end of the day, even though I'm not much of a jewelry girl, you want your neck to be adorned by real pearls, quality pearls, none of that crappy fake ghetto stuff! Lol!
 And who in their right mind would want to mix real pearls with fake pearls just so you can have them in quantity?I don't think we should ever settle for quantity when we can get by much better and longer with quality- Actually, most things that come in big quantities are usually junk, like family members, Okay i'm kidding but you know what I mean. Invest your time and effort building up real friendships and stop holding on to faded ones dare i say, fake ones? Life is too precious to have a neck heavy with pearls if they are all fake don't you think? ;)

Anyway, that's last week and it's revelations and I look forward to even more revelations.
Life sure is amazing, the way it reminds us that the more we know the more we learn that we don't really know much but that there is always a lesson at the corner waiting if you have the time.

And so, thank you SO very much  guys for adding quality to my life, for being and doing more than what is required. They say friends are family you get to choose and last week insured me that I had an amazing family of friends and wouldn't trade them for the world because to be honest, they make my world. Cheesy I know but unfortunately, the best and most honest sayings are so deal with it! ;P 

Oh and speaking of friends- This is my favorite Christmas this year. What can i say, it has SunnySide Radio written all over it!
Train - Shake Up Christmas

That's all for now


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