Tuesday, February 15, 2011

When in Berlin

First day of internship.
The company is in the middle of Berlin at the ´cooler´part of Berlin as my German friend says but i wouldn't know. The brand is by a German and a Japanese designer and the studio was  really arty- they were other artists in the building, like painters and performers and so on which gave a creative vibe-
And our boss made us (the interns) tea! How cool is that? And it was green tea because she´s Japanese? That was cool- She is really laid back and relaxed and the other intern is also a really sweet girl from Luxembourg but she is studying at Esmod in Berlin, she was telling me horror stories about her prior internship place which really made me appreciate how blessed i was to end up where i did- I like the brand´s concept about reusing old fabrics- It is a good earthy investment. I hope to learn a lot of things that i can use in the future with my own dreams and i have a feeling that i will. We went out eating and i must say, i kinda feel like my money lasts longer here in Berlin which is a strange change from poor student, like you pay and still you have plenty of money left it´s interesting- In Dane-land, you go to one shop and then you look at your wallet and think ´wow, that was it??` - Anyway, all in all, it was a really good start : )

Okay enough talk.

For Katie

The street of the internship

My fellow intern

Our studio neighbour the painter

The sweetest couch ever

How to make a body form

 Anyway, that is all for now- i miss you guys but the great thing is that the plain ticket is really cheap so visiting is an option ;) - and since i am  kinda ´ rich´ in Gernmany, i might even help with the payment lol

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  1. Ohhh, love my family name picture...
    miss u too
    a lott
    and i'll consider the visiting, plus the payment for it from you:-P