Friday, March 25, 2011

Mask Mask Baby!

We woke up late, had yesterdays cake left overs, - cleaned and then decided to do some girly stuff, and my roommate thought it looked like fun so we had ourselves a little blast-
I love lazy hazy days- And oh, i´ve found so much awesome music today it´s insane!
And tonight it gets better and tomorrow it gets even better -
And did i mention that my skin is as smooth as a baby butt?? Cause it is.

Picture time, be warned!- happy weekend :)

My Funny Roomie

Liking his feminine side

Then feeling a bit freaked out by the dried feeling

Look at his face lol! suddenly he looked like a tortured prisoner.

The Story of Chibooboo, catch it soon in selected cinemas

Song of the day- too many to choose from

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