Thursday, August 25, 2011

To do a weave or go natural!??

Sometimes my hair is my best friend and it can be really nice when it wants to, but sometimes it´s just a mess
and wont budge no matter what i try - these are the moments i feel like chopping it all off but then i see pictures of miss pretty afro Corinne Bailey Rae upstairs and then suddenly i have the will to be patient a little longer, let it flow, let it grow.

Lately, i have been thinking much about this head crowning business,  because apparently, what you crown your head with determines which team you are playing for. On one side they are saying that if you rock a weave, you are pro wanna-be, the other side says rock an afro, you´re remaining true to the motherland- but some really cool people are saying, "I am not my hair!" I guess that´s where i stand too. I´m trying to grow my natural hair by taking better care of it- right now it´s in rasta twists and has not been relaxed for more than a year, so i guess i´m in the middle.

Buuuuuut lately, i´ve been feeling tempted to get me some weavy waves just because sometimes you wanna run like the wind or redo a Baywatch scene without you hair giving you attitude "you go right ahead, i´m staying right here" sometimes you want it to come along,you know, go with the wind a bit. lol . So i want to try a different protective style.
But  i support both parties because at the end of the day, it´s what makes YOU feel good about yourself and nothing else.Plus, it´s just hair not kidneys.

Question, from a weavy newbie, who also plans on doing it herself (I know, risky)
What do you pros recommend as a starting package?? hair type wise- i want something that still looks natural and i´ve been watching million of YouTube tutorials the bast two years but let me know if you have some suggestion, opinions or even warnings. Appreciated Cheers



  1. I am not really helping when it comes to the type of weaves that you should by but to respond to the previous entry I don't think it matters whether you want to rock the weave, your natural hair. I've rocked the weaves before and like it and when I want to go back to my own hair I do so :)

  2. Hey, thanks for the advice- and yes! you should be able to have you cake and eat it too :)