Sunday, August 28, 2011

Team shorties: Ashley Olsen

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Whenever you are on a hunt for some style inspiration, it´s always vital that you look at people who are shaped the same way as you are. You can´t be looking at Serena Williams style look-book for inspiration if you are shaped like mini hottie Christina Ricci,.. unless your looking for socks, cause i hear that those fit everyone the same. When looking for inspiration or even just wondering whether to get a certain outfit or not, i try to see whether it would suit me; my height, my shape, my color, my head shape, by simply searching for people who have the same body features as i do.
People who also have humble chests, short, wide hips and a roundly kind of face action going on.
This times Team Shorties member is Ashley Olsen, i have a great crush on Ashley O, mostly for her casual, laid-back yet chic way of putting an outfit together, i would say i´m more her than Mary-Kate who sometimes, though fab in her own way, tends to be a bit too intense for my taste- 

Lesson learnt: Black always goes a long way and like diamonds, it´s always in style, keep it simple, smooth and rap it all up with a touch of edge. Oh and, glasses glasses glasses.

To follow on Team Shorties; Christina Ricci, Nicole Richie, Natalie Portman and mucho more


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  1. You're right, people who are built the same way as you can help you with wardrobe inspiration since not everyone is built the same way. Although Ashley's style is lay back, it's not mediocre or dull it's just "chick"