Monday, January 17, 2011

Is That Your Moodboard??

So as part of our education, we are constantly asked to
create moodboards. Moodbaords this and moodboard that!For anyone who doesn't know what a moodboard is, it's basically the main 'theme' of your collection, the feeling of it all.
So, in the time of moodboard making or sketchbook creating in general, people become pretty moody, and so a friend and I were super tempted to go around pointing at people's faces and asking 'What is that, i don't get it.. oh wait,.iss is,Is it your moodboard!!, Is it!? Ohh now i get it, its,..interesting" lol, okay you had to be there
Anywho( Oh i miss scrubs), this is my moodboard this cold January morning

 Here are some pictures and a somewhat new tune by Sia- She's is as fresh as this chilly morning.


Yuli Sato

Yuli Sato

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  1. May-baby, simply a moodboard, is the expression of mood/atmosphere/feelings....which for some people is really hard to understand, since there's no specific definition, description, or strict rule how to do it!! Thats the part that we love about it: it's FREEDOM!!!!!