Saturday, January 22, 2011

.............................O.W.N, The Exam Collection.............

I took this picture on my way to the exam- the mystery of it all and the calmness was too good to pass by.

(ATTENTION! For best effect, scroll down to the video, press play and then come back start reading and looking at the pictures ;) )

So yesterday was Friday, aka, Exam day! The end of three months of little sleep, little life, little sunshine- The end of hours spent by the sewing machine, in front of the computer and with small, medium and large scissors- the last of a throat that had inhaled too much spray glue and the end of tiny paper cuts!

It all ended the moment i walked out of the presentation/exam room with a 12/A+ in my hand! I still don't know how i feel about grading 'art/taste' mainly because to be honest- we all worked hard and every single person in class put their entire soul and heart in whatever they had decided to do and actually one of my friends said that it's best you look at your stuff, consider the amount of time you had put in it the last three months and then you give yourself a grade and then no matter what happens in the exam room- no one could take that grade away from you. - I think it's a good thought.

I'm happy having finished with a good grade but i guess i'm happy having finished in general- the thought that now it's done and even though my brain hasn't really totally realized it all, i know that once it does, i'll jump around like a crazy person- :D

The best part though is that one of our strictest teacher, one that seldom ever compliments anyone( You need one like that in every education to keep you on your toes), said at the exam that she doesn't think i would have any trouble finding a job once i'm done with my education- that,..that made my day, especially since she has worked a lot in the fashion industry- i was so flattered it's crazy. But i still know it takes a lot, i know that a grade sometimes is just luck and i know that taste is ever changing- but i also know that hard work almost always pays off .

The exam is judged upon several things we have to hand in other than just the garments, things too boring to explain to people not doing the education - but in plain terms, it's all about selling a concept.

My collection was called O.W.N which stood for One With Nature, clever huh??? lol-
We had to be inspired by the Danish painter Per Kirkeby and create a collection of at least two fully dressed models- I wanted to design simple silhouettes with details of weaving, pleating, plaiting and fabric manipulation techniques- most of it took a lot of time but at least i know i can actually use them, and that i'll always have them-

Anyway, i  cute friend of mine helped me model some of the pieces after the exam and so here are some pictures - Enjoy and happy weekend and freedom.

The beginning the end

Look, i even have a song that fit perfectly to the mood ;)) - 

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