Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pharrell IS.....N.E.R.D TASTIC

Good 'all-most-dinner-time' . It's Sunday, we got sunshine and even stepped outside our room- but since morning we've been jamming to Mr Williams-
Aka, the coolest nerd ever-Basically the only guy who could get any girl to try to understand why she should even bother investing 3 hours of her life in a Star War movie.
And he brings more than just a tasty Sunday voice to the table- the boy has swagger too ;)

Check check, check it out!

I have yet to understand what's up with the hand signs.. Alien Peace??

Pharrell also owns a fashion label called Ice Cream and Billionaire Boys Club site here- The fashion is as expected, ultra nerdy and i'm guessing that his target group are the guys from Bing Bang Theory meets a bit of  Chuck Bass charm - either way, it's cool.

Wouldn't mind owning this one to pimp up my Sunday look  a bit ;)

And of course his shops look like a trip to a space -mall

Anywho, have an awesome rest of Sunday and an even more awesome week.


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