Monday, September 5, 2011

You and me in the wild

Hey hey guys!

So lately i´ve been over taken with everyday school related things, yes, school- i got into a really cool fashion school which also happens to be close to my family and so a new adventure begins!
Yesterday however, i took my little sister out for some salmon and spinach pizza  (trust me, it´s tasty) and some over steamed hotness aka Ryan Gosling in Crazy Stupid Love but funny enough we came four days too soon , i guess i was too excited, ooh the gutting disappointment... but i didn´t want to let my little sis down, so we ended up watching Horrible Bosses which was actually pretty funny once it got started but i´ll be back! Thursday!

The rest of the weekend was spent  celebrating the return of my camera´s charger which i had so wisely
forgotten in Berlin during my summer vacation. Yay me? lol, i love that saying, yay me, it´s both annoying but still amusing in a narcissistic kind of way :p  Anywho, we celebrated by taking it for a walk in the wild, where we were almost  attacked by a stag/ male deer and eaten alive by blood thirsty Mexican mosquito s ! Okay,maybe they weren´t Mexican but  just mucho loca,  Ah, good times lol.
Anywho, between being attacked and the celebrating we also had time to take some pictures :)
Hope you likey :)

oh oh, and i finally got to wear the jacket i had designed a while ago!

my baby sis

I have a feeling that everything is gonna work out just as it is intended...somehow
Hope you all have been having a lovely start of the week so far :) Monday done, four more days left.


  1. Your sister is very pretty as well as you she looks like a model (like my little sis too lol). Anyway I love your blog girl there's something which is catching my attention I don't even know what exactly, I'm now following you :)
    Feel free to visit my blog, it will makes me really happy ;)
    Much love

  2. Ahh I can't wait to hear all about your way through Fashion School. I've always fantasized about going to one so I am going to live through you on that one haha. The pictures are beautiful and well done, looks like you guys had a lot of fun :)

  3. @ Emma, hey you! thanks for joining the parade ;) I´m really glad you likey and you have such a over cute and creative blog, did you design it yourself??

  4. @ Sophie! You my can SO leave through me lol - I hope i don´t get over busy and neglect my little blog * crossing fingers :)