Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Illustrate your heart out


For a while now a friend of mine has been trying to encourage me to put some of my little work up so that we can 
also keep in touch artistically since he is oceans away- It´s been long over due but mostly because i was waiting for the perfect scanner that would scan in all my work without compromising a single stroke of pencil lol, ridiculous i know so i found out that snapping a picture of it was just as good. But today i wanted to share a bit of my creative world and tell a story about myself in a different way :) - I must say that my work changes because i´m always experimenting and exploring different techniques until i feel totally at home with what i´ve done-who knows, hopefully one day, i´ll find my perfect stroke ;) 
Anyway, here a a few fashion illustration sketches  and don´t mind the date on them , they are very recent. 

fashion illustration

fashion illustrations

  Hope you´ve had a good start of the week and let me know what you thoughts are on my creative outlet :)
Good night! 


  1. heyy girly I am glad to see that side of you I must say that what I like about your illustration is the height and the careful details portrayed in them. I love the last one, she looks like one divaa. Keep them coming dear :)