Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday inspiration


So it´s getting pretty crowded time-spending wise! Are you sure there are 24 hours a day?? I shamefully spent the whole day watching def poetry on evil you-tube with my baby sister - for 4 hours straight! I even learnt to clips with my fingers because clapping is too commercial and not as artistically appreciated in the  poetry world :P But yeah, it was when I looked at the clock then back at my sister who had somehow disappeared under the sofa snoring away with boredom that it donned on me that maybe I had watched 50 videos too many? So instead we watched a Korean movie (The Last Blossom) where I sorta cried myself to a headache, priceless how they NEVER disappoint. Yeah, that pretty much summed my very productive Sunday- I have a rule , do ALL your homework in the weekday, that way you can absolutely do as you please on weekends,.. that´s for next week though :P too late to save this week,which is why  I need to hit some pages concerning design aesthetic and other fashionably subjects.. maybe I could write a poem first *Drifts away John Dorian style*  No no no no, play time is over .. muuusst staayyy disciplined- just after i leave you with these pretty pictures yeah? 

P.S where are my manners!,  How was your weekends, tell tell! and have a lovely week, work hard, play harder ;) 



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